Tiger-Kidnapping Risk Reduction

Criminals and their methods of attack and infiltration are continuously evolving to counter any security measures that are designed to foil their attempts. Where seemingly impregnable defences have been created to protect assets from conventional methods of theft, the most vulnerable link in any security setup is the human being who has access or information that may enable access to the targeted assets.

Tiger kidnapping has been successfully demonstrated to be one of the only ways by which up-to-date comprehensive physical security systems may be breached.

This workshop is designed to guarantee both enhanced awareness of the risks of this threat and awareness and initiation of behavioural change. It focusses on the key people and their families that may be vulnerable to this form of attack.

Target audience
All senior management members of organisations that have high value merchandise or intellectual property.


“The course has given us good food for thought. It definitely raises our personal security awareness at work and in our personal lives. Common sense approach gets the message across in a professional and user-friendly manner.”
Senior management member of Hong Kong Note Printing Ltd., Hong Kong

“Best programme that I ever came across. It’s a very interactive and interesting course! Motivating, active, interesting. James and David are good instructors.”
Senior management member of Hong Kong Note Printing Ltd., Hong Kong