Conflict Management

Our conflict management / personal awareness workshop is designed to show participants on how to deal with verbal and physical aggression from potentially aggressive clients. Participants will learn how to identify a pending threat and diffuse it before it materialises. They will also develop and train an understanding of the use of empathy to diffuse a verbal confrontation. Through demonstration and practice of simple, yet effective strategies they will learn how to be better prepared for verbal encounters.

Participants are to acquire the ability to detect potentially aggressive persons and the knowledge to guarding instead of defending one’s personal space.

They will learn to remain under emotional control during disagreements and to avoid using language that expresses personal feelings during conflict.

Our aim is to give participants the emotional and mental resources to ensure safety when in danger and the confidence to safely take action when words fail.

Workshop particularly recommended for:

  • Receptionist & other front office employees
  • Customer care workers
  • People with direct customer contact