Fight like a Girl! – Life Skills for Women

Female personal safety awareness and self-defence workshop.
All women possess the powerful instinct and capacity for self–protection.

It’s time you rediscovered it!

An experiential workshop, providing training in personal safety and awareness. Essential Life Skills for women of all ages to empower mental and physical skills for effective self-defence.

Who should attend?
All women and teenage girls from the age of 16 years

Course content includes:

  • Avoidance and awareness
  • Attackers and attack rituals
  • Fear control
  • Understanding the criminal mind-set
  • Reading body language before conflict
  • Physiological & psychological effects of adrenalin dump
  • Verbal de-escalation skills
  • Self-defence and the law
  • Practical modules
  • Fight like a girl – Simple, instinctive and effective self-defence techniques
  • Rape escape tactics
  • The Fence – protecting your personal space
  • Escape techniques


“Thanks again for your self-defense course! It was amazing and very interesting! Travelled to Lisbon right after the course and was feeling in a “know what to do” position!. “ -Marion Garin, Administration, John F. Kennedy International School, Switzerland

“Course was excellent. I wish every woman from 14+ had the opportunity to attend this course before any attack.” -Dr. P. Fraser, Health First Switzerland, Geneva

“Instructor’s attitude: Motivating, good sense of humor, empowering – yet gentle! Enjoyed it, learnt a lot and had a great day! Thank you!” -Participant in Women’s Self-Defence workshop, Switzerland