Escape the Wolf – for Teenagers 10-14

A personal safety and awareness Life Skills workshop for teenagers make them aware of the dangers they face in today‘s world.

Course content includes:

  • Build and expand awareness
  • Body language to reduce risk
  • Elevate self confidence
  • Learn avoidance & escape techniques
  • Self-realisation of personal power
  • Attackers and attack rituals
  • Control and harness the power of our adrenal response
  • … and more…

Appropriate age groups:
10 to 14 years


“It was cool when I was in the red zone. I really thought that I was in a small street with a very bad guy who wanted to do something bad to me. Female teenage participant, John F. Kennedy International School, Switzerland

“I liked the idea of sheepdogs, wolves and sheep. Thank you for showing the colour code. It was amazing. Thank you for filming me in the Red Zone. I have more confidence in myself now. Helen, John F. Kennedy International School, Switzerland