Excel Neighbourhood Watch

Excel Neighbourhood Watch was developed to bring a new standard in security patrol services to the region. With years of experience and competence in the security field and good knowledge of the local situation; Excel Security Solutions believes the best way to defend against crime is to introduce a proactive security solution.

Excel Neighbourhood Watch aims to:

  • Discourage, deter and prevent crime in our region by having a visible, motorised and foot patrol between the hours of 20h00 and 06h00 in areas surrounding participating chalets and businesses.
  • Deter potential criminals, as our patrolling agents will choose their routes at random; making it impossible to plan any attacks around our patrols.
  • Considerably reduce security cost for everyone by sharing them.
  • Provide an efficient and rapid response to any alarm situation in participating chalets & businesses.
  • Assist the authorities in detecting and deterring crime by reporting of suspicious and criminal activities and vehicles around participating clients’ chalets & businesses.
  • Reduce the fear of crime by providing up-to-date information to our clients about actual crimes and police counter-measures.
  • Keep Gstaad and its surrounding villages as crime-free as possible through the joint participation of all interested parties.
  • Excel Neighbourhood Watch need a minimum of participating properties to take up services.